Documentation Portal
Check our MarketONE product documentation and  leverage our user guides, integration flows, and best practices.
API Reference
Access our API libraries and developer sandbox to get started with your applications and testing.
Partnering with CSPs in MarketONE
- Negotiate with pre-integrated CSPs to create conditions, agreements, and that work for you.
- Amdocs helps facilitate the partnership model, use cases, and revenue settlement rules in MarketONE.
- Scalable, automated end-to-end testing between you, the CSP, and MarketONE before going live.
- Our support team helps you implement MarketONE API and webhook configurations on your end.
- System integration testing (SIT) and user acceptance testing (UAT) and validation phase.
- Congratulations! You’re now featured in MarketONE’s OTT catalogue.
Development & Completion
Integration & Certification
- You author and upload a solution design document with test cases to MarketONE.
- We then review and certify your design, then provision your product within MarketONE.
- You generate API keys and register your callback webhook configurations with us.
- We’ll set up your admin credentials for the MarketONE portal.
- Your developers register with in our developer portal and gain access to our APIs and webhooks.
- They’re then free to leverage our sandbox environment for testing and experimentation.
Technical Access
Onboarding onto MarketONE is a one-time process that enables fast, streamlined integrations with multiple CSPs at a fraction of the time (and cost) of traditional third-party integrations.
The partner
certification process
Discovery & Education
After you sign up, our product team will reach out for initial discussions.
You’ll gain access to our product documentation, learning content, and use cases.
We’ll work with your organization to assess and support your business and technical requirements.